Finding Rest

We live in a small town. Not the smallest we have lived in, but it is small. Despite the size of our town, there is still no shortage of business. It seems very often that we have every minute of every day filled up.

We are busy with raising our daughter and homeschooling, keeping up with the house and maintenance, family, our work schedules and so much more. Now, at this time of the year we squeeze out every second we can to fill all the orders coming in. You know what we are talking about, likely you are experiencing something like this.

What we need to relieve us from the craziness, rat-race of life that can cause us so much stress and anxiety is a unique REST. That rest is found in Jesus. He provides us with a REST giving comfort, relieves us of our burdens, gives new life, leading us to freedom found in his forgiveness.

This is truly the best time we can set aside in our day. Come to Jesus, speak with him, lay your heart and your burdens at his feet. Give Him your heart, follow Him and you will find your day full of purpose instead of worrisome business.

That being said, we are going to spend some time at His feet, then tackle this amazing day, producing masks, molding sculpts and pouring latex. It's going to be AWESOME!

- Jeremy and Robin

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