Busiest Time of the Year

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Well, it's here again. Autumn is fast approaching and we have an influx of orders due to the impending Halloween holiday and multiple conventions. The nice part of this time of year is the relationships that we foster through our business continue to grow, we hear from old customers again, and produce a ton of masks for our cosplaying customers world-wide.

Lately we have really enjoyed seeing the hashtags of cosplayers on Instagram posting their amazing costumes, wearing our masks. It really brings us so much happiness to see people enjoying our work. As fun as this job can seem, there are times the work can feel daunting as we juggle the business schedule, homeschooling our daughter, fitting in US time which is very important; and in the times of being hardpressed, we can lose focus, and sight on what is important to us.

-Then, we are reminded that God is moving in our lives, guiding, orchestrating, challenging and growing us for what He has planned. In that very knowledge, we love what we are doing, because we are ultimately doing it all for Him, and in that we do it with all our heart.

- Jeremy and Robin

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