Rogue Adhesive & Remover

Rogue Adhesive is a phenomenal prosthetic adhesive that we use in all of our mask pictures, and is what you need to bring your mask to life! This amazing acrylic emulsion adhesive is used specifically to adhere many types of prosthetic appliances, including latex, foam latex and gelatin appliances.  It creates a strong adhesion to skin so appliances will stay on for many hours and is resistant to sweat. This adhesive works far better than spirit gum! This is one of the most popular makeup adhesives on the market. 

Rogue Remover is the product we use to help remove the mask when applied with Rogue Adhesive.  It very gentle, oil based make-up remover which makes clean-up a whole lot easier! It has no-odor and little goes a long way! 


1oz bottle each.


Instructions are included for application. 

Rogue Adhesive & Remover

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